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Following over 4 years of research and development NextGen nano have developed a major scientific breakthrough that may hold the key to advancements in nano-technology which not only make recent government CO2 emission and climate policy goals achievable but may change the way we approach powering our entire transportation sector and numerous decentralised energy solutions.


Our breakthrough technology replaces existing solutions which are fabricated with pollutant materials with earth-friendly bio-polymers. This breakthrough enables NextGen Nano to develop solar cells that produce energy with unrivalled efficiency, at far lower cost than existing hardware. The technology can be applied to flexible surfaces, thus making the limitless solar power source more usable and cost effective than ever before.




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Electric Vehicles

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Poor air quality is the biggest
environmental risk to public health
in the UK and this government is
determined to take strong action in
the shortest time possible.
A UK government spokesman,
The Guardian, 25th July 2017


NextGen’s advanced technology has the potential to transform existing markets and open many new ones by way of decentralised energy applications including: electric vehicles, next generation motor and sail yachting, planes, drones, transportable/wearable electronics, windows/shades and military hardware.


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